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100% All Natural Lamb from the Zen Sheep Farm®

  • 100% Naturally Raised and Fed Lamb

    All lamb Sold out!!

  • Pasture Raised and always Free Range
  • Freezer ready
  • Whole and Half Lambs. Check here for a cutting chart.
  • Whole or half lambs are all cut and processed to your specifications.
  • All meat processed in a USDA or Ind State Certified Slaughter and Processing Facility.
  • Packages are Indiana Certifed scale weights
  • No GMO or GE feed or GMO ingredients ever! Farm is Guaranteed 100% natural.
  • No hormones or antibiotics!
  • High in Healthful Cancer Preventing CLA's - 2-3 X higher than Beef!
  • Taking orders for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter delivery.
  • Price: $3.00/ lb live weight + Processing
  • 100-150 lb average live lamb weights (Final weight after processing ~ 40-45% of live weight)
  • 100% Natural Raw Wool as well as Yarn, Rovings and Batts made from 100% Natural wool. See below for a description and photos.
  • What we feed our Sheep and Lambs Zen Lamb Feed
  • Some Selected Lamb Cuts Available By the Pound All Year Long At the Farm. Price list $
  • Naturally Raised Live Mutton and mutton chops also available. Call for availability.
  • View Some Selected Photos of the Zen Sheep Farm lambs and pasture and also some of our 100% natural garlic.

  • Our lamb is available locally in Indiana at the following locations:

  • Georgetown Health Foods located at 4375 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis, IN phone: 317-293-9525

  • lambchop

    Recipes? Yes, we have some great recipes for our 100% Natural lamb.

    Check here for a recipe list

    100% All Natural Wool

  • yarn- worsted and sport weight: natural color, on cones. weight: ~7 oz per cone. Made from 100% Natural raw wool. price: $22.00 +S&H Click on photo below for an enlargment
  • Worsted yarn Enlargement

  • 100% Natural raw wool $5.00/lb. +S&H
  • rovings for spinning and batts for quilts and pillows is also available with various sizes and weights. Rovings are $25.00/lb plus S&H. Call or email for prices and sizes for the wool batts. Click on photos below for enlargments of all our wool products. Everything is made from 100% Natural raw wool.
  • Wool batt

    Wool Roving

  • Pillows stuffed with wool from organic sheep. Hypoallergenic and great for sleeping!
  • Sizes and Cost: Standard (21.5x26 in.), $50 + S&H , Queen ( 20x30 in.), $60 + S&H and Travel ( 11.5 x22 in.), $25 + S&H . See photos below for comparisons and enlargements.

    Organic Wool Travel Pillow

    Organic Wool Std Pillow

    Organic Wool Pillows

    Phone or email for free samples of all wool products and current prices and availability.

    Sassafras logs and lumber and other hardwoods available. Split firewood is also for sale. Call for prices and availability.

    Just starting out in organic farming?

  • Need some help trying to solve farming problems organically?
  • Need help with getting your farm certified organic?
  • Need some ideas for sourcing of organic material?
  • Do you need an organic farm web page for selling your organic products?
  • Dr Tom Zennie, Ph.D, co-owner of Zen Sheep Farm, LLC with 23 years of organic farming experience and an Independent Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) trained organic farm inspector, will do organic farm consultations. For a list of his organic farming credentials click on Dr Z's Organic Farming Resume. You can email him at TomZennie@ZenSheepFarm.com or call him at 765-795-5526

    Zen Sheep Farm ®LLC

    Tom and Nancy Zennie

    4963 E Co Rd 900 S

    Cloverdale, Indiana 46120


    Email: ZenSheepFarm@ZenSheepFarm.com

    Come on out and visit the farm! Need Directions? Click here for a map to the Farm. Just call or write before coming.

    Photo1 , Photo2 of DePauw University farm visit WT270: Sweet and Savory of Science Winter Term Class 2012

    E-mail: ZenSheepFarm@ZenSheepFarm.com

    Sheep Jokes!

    Sheep Dash! Test your reflexes. See how well you can keep a flock of sheep from escaping. Kind of addicting!

    Sheep, Organic Farming and Agriculture Links

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